7 Day Tea

7 Day Tea

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***please always consult with your physician before using any products ***

This detox tea is organically grown, non-GMO in California. This tea contains herbs to detox the bodies toxins from meat, dairy, alcohol, bloating, fatigue, and inflammation. This product is not suitable for women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. Detox is recommended to get rid of stubborn fat, and feelings of fatigue, tiredness, inflammation, and toxins. Optimal results come from increasing water intake and consuming more fruits with this tea to flush your system. Start your detox today and find peace within.

How to use : this tea can be either hot or cold drink to your preference. Use 1 tbls to 1 cup of water boil let steep for 5 to ten minutes using natural sweetener. (No sugar as you’re cleansing the body) 

Disclaimer : This tea is not being promoted as a weight loss tea. If you intend to use this tea as a weight loss supplement, take precautions to include a healthy diet and exercise.

This tea may increase urine and bowel movements. Ensure to keep your body hydrated. 

**If you are pregnant, liver disease or any immune system disease please consult with your physician before drinking this tea **